How Do I Schedule an Appointment to Test?

Scheduling a Test -
  1. You may test after completing all the six (6) Health and Safety classes. Please note that both CPR/First Aid & Haz-Cert have expiration dates.
      1. Confined Space
      2. CPR/1st Aid (every 2 years)
      3. Haz-Cert Awareness (every 3 years)
      4. Scaffold User
      5. Lift Training
      6. Lead Awareness
  2. If you have tested before, you must wait 1 full year or work 1,500 hours to test at a higher level.
  3. You may not test or schedule a test if you are suspended from the Union.
  4. You may schedule and test if: You are a "member in good standing; You are dropped, but you will NOT get a Journey card until working and paid up; You are Non Union, but will not get a Journey card until working for a Union Employer.
  5. Keep in mind -
    The test requires at least an 8 hour commitment. You will NOT be paid company time to take this test
  6. Call (206) 762-8332 to Schedule your Test
  7. Mark it on your calendar
  8. Be there on time in your whites on your scheduled date.

For questions, please call (206) 762-8332.




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